Model Pengelolaan Kampung Wisata "Art and Heritage Tourism" (Suatu kajian tentang Pengembangan Komunitas Lokal) di Kelurahan Kadipaten Kecamatan Kraton Kota Yogyakarta

Hardjono Hardjono, Sri Suminar


Tourism village is a new variant object about tourist atiraction of special interest based the village area or ex. Rukun Kampung and has strategic role to increase people 's welfare. Good and strong institutional absolutely needed for the existence of tourism village in order the tourism village become more develop because to manage the event of the tourism village has many aspects. There are many aspects must be applied and well implemented . Therefore, effort to establish good institutional become a priority. One of the tourism village in Yogyakarta is Kadipaten Tourism Village “Art And Heritage Tourism” in Kadipaten Village, Sub District of Kraton, Yogyakarta. The tourism village is still on the developing category. The problem is how the management model of the tourism village “Art And Heritage Tourism”?, and another problem is how the design patiern of the local community development that can support the tourism village “Art And Heritage Tourism”?. The aim of the research is to describe of the management model of the tourism village “Art And Heritage Tourism”. Identify potency and inventory of the problem to manage of the tourism village. The research method is descriptive qualitative, Technique of data collection by observation, documentation and interview of 20 informants. Techniques to determine of the informants use purposive participation. Analysis data using interactive model trough processes, namely: data reduction, presentation of data and conclusion. The result of the research: first, the model of the management activities is an annual event managed by the management of the tourism village Household Budget, has cultural heritage and almost the people have a sense of art, friendly and polite. The problem that there are art groups have not entered on agenda of the tourism village, less coordinated also less of facilities and infrastructure, for example: costume. The tourist village has not managed professionally so the economic value is still low. Conclusion: the tourism village has atiraction “Art And Heritage”, less of the involvement of the local economic actors. The image of the tourism village is not yet popular among local resident. The unprofessional management of tourism village has not been able to develop of the local economy. Recommendation: 1. The manager of the tourism village : Increasing the frequency of socialization about the tourism village activities, make the regular meeting agenda for all stakeholders to support the tourism village to be success, involving young generation in the management of the tourism village, fulltime officers, optimize the use of cultural heritage. Role of the local government for local economic development, coordination for economic actors, improve the quality of the tourism promotion. Department of tourism and culture must add mentoring, use of the cultural heritage (Pojok Beteng Lor Kulon and Ndalem Kanoman) for cultural exhibition and mentoring.

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